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June 9, 2016

Dear Phoenix-interested people,

Each of you represents a different aspect of the story of Phoenix of Hiroshima. You sailed on her voyage around the world or into the American nuclear test zone in the Pacific in 1958 or to the Soviet Union in 1961 or you crewed or even captained her on one of her trips to North Vietnam with humanitarian aid for survivors of American bombing. You may be specifically interested in Dr. Earle Reynolds, whose dream she made a reality, or Barbara Reynolds who went on to take Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors around the world to tell their story.

Or your interest in the Phoenix may be tangential; your primary interest may be in the Golden Rule, whose voyage inspired hers, or the Marshall Islanders exposed to radiation from American nuclear tests which both crews were trying to prevent, or peace--or sailing. Leo "Bud" Feurt, from the deck of the Boxer in the Pacific nuclear test zone, watched the Phoenix sail under American Coast Guard (and destroyer) escort to Kwajalein. (From the deck of the Phoenix we saw his ship too. One can hardly miss an aircraft carrier.)
We welcome all of you who have the Phoenix of Hiroshima in common for whatever reason.
I want to share her backstory (and hear yours), her adventures for pleasure or protest, links, photos, reasons for raising the boat, now at the bottom of a tributary of the Sacramento River in northern California. But, lest you feel tsunamied I think I'll start with a few practical issues. 

We need one or more volunteers to:   1. Apply for non-profit status. We don't know anyone who knows how to do this.2. Then we need to set up a Raise the Phoenix Fund bank account to receive, record, and receipt donations as non-taxable. We need an address to send these donations to. We already have one donation pending!3. Send out quarterly (?) statements to you and to donors.

4. We need a secretary to keep everyone who wants to be in the loop. I guess I'm already doing that. I can send out quarterly bank statements if someone sends them to me.

So, at least a treasurer and a secretary.

5. We need publicity, word of mouth and other kinds, letters to friends, editors, and celebrities or others you happen to know who want or need something worthwhile to invest in, articles about the project, fund-raising letters to friends who won't object. Brian Cowden, producer, is interviewing a number of us for a fund-raising documentary which he will make available to those willing to use it and perhaps also put on YouTube. We are sharing our opinions of why the Phoenix deserves to be raised. If you have an opinion, you could write it out and send it to me or directly to Brian.

Maybe Swarthmore in Philadelphia, the Peace Resource Center in southern Ohio, Ben Lomond Friends in northern California (and us, in southern CA) could provide one or more small traveling exhibits of some kind with memorabilia from the Phoenix, facts of her history and human interest stories to create interest in the project.

6. Someone who knows enough about organizing this kind of thing to know what "6" should be, what else we need to do!

For instance, do we need to try to meet somewhere or Skype or do a teleconference to brainstorm ideas? Does one of you know how to arrange that? I'll try to keep these letters short and only as frequent as necessary. Please offer suggestions and corrections. And if you know others that want to be in this loop, please invite them to send me their contact info and connection to the Phoenix. Thanks.

P.S. I will send blind copies of everything to Naomi Reynolds, M.D., current owner of the Phoenix. She is extremely busy as a general practitioner so she appreciates our dividing up and doing all this groundwork.

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