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September 27, 2016
Dear Phoenix Friends,
A week ago, we filed Articles of Incorporation for Phoenix of Hiroshima Project, Inc.  Article II (b) reads, "The specific purpose of this corporation is (i) to salvage and restore the Phoenix of Hiroshima, a historic wooden boat involved in humanitarian missions and protests based on environmental concerns, (ii) to provide education regarding environmental concerns, and (iii) to promote a green and peaceful future, including, without limitation, through the salvage, restoration, use, display and publicity regarding the history of the Phoenix of Hiroshima."
There are five board members (directors): Chairman Brian Cowden,  Chuck DeWitt (crew member and Restoration Coordinator of Golden Rule, 2010-2015),
John Braxton (former crew member of the Phoenix), my husband Jerry (treasurer) and myself (secretary). The corporation will own the Phoenix.

We are now applying for 501(C) 3 tax exempt status. At any point from now on you may send pledges to help salvage and restore the Phoenix, making it conditional, if you wish, upon our receiving that status (so your donation will be tax deductible). This will help us know how soon we can schedule a date to bring the boat out of the river. You will not have to meet your pledge until and unless the tax-exempt status goes through. (It's almost a sure thing but we don't want you burned.)
Pledges may be sent to Jerry Renshaw at, 562-595-4162 (landline) or 562-714-2675 (cell) or 186 E. Cameron Place, Long Beach, CA 90807-3851.

We will set up a PayPal account for online donations and find out how to use GoFundMe or something similar. Donations may be sent by check to Phoenix of Hiroshima Project, Inc. at the above address. Jerry will open an account at a local Chase Bank and we will give you whatever information you need for that.
Jerry has had a total of 38 years of experience in banking, real estate, and insurance. He was also one of the three stewards of our former church of 1,600 members (supervising, sorting, counting, recording and taking the money to the bank) for at least ten years.

Our producer/ videographer/interviewer Brian Cowden is working on a short documentary (in addition to the long one about the whole 64-year story of the boat) to share several key people's opinions as to why the Phoenix deserves to be preserved. He will make that available to any of you who would like to use it in even casual fund-raising get-togethers for us.
We want to assure you that you don't have to give a penny to stay on this list just to follow the adventures of the Phoenix!

With much gratitude to each of you for your friendship and encouragement and wishing you God's richest blessings,
Jessica Reynolds Renshaw
(for Jerry, too)

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