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RAISING THE PHOENIX 7: Diver's Preliminary Report

July 31, 2016

Dear Friends of the Phoenix,
DIVER'S PRELIMINARY REPORT:  Diver Rick Bishop of Seal Marine evaluated the condition of the Phoenix last Wednesday, July 27 as thoroughly as he could without actually going inside and without pumping out the accumulated silt.  Captain Naomi Reynolds and videographer Brian Cowden rode along on the diver's boat, Brian to record the dive from the surface, Naomi to watch--and pay for it!
     Rick had sufficient visibility to videotape the entire length of the hull.  He went over everything he observed with Naomi both during the dive and afterwards.
     There is one popped plank, a 6-foot hole and lots of silt inside, all of which the diver felt could be easily dealt with.  Of more concern were some rot, including one heavily rotted area near the bow and the overall "soft" condition caused by steeping in fresh water for six years.  It's not in "terrible" shape but it isn't in "great" shape, either.  When pressed, Rick guessed the chances of getting her up "in restorable condition" were 50-50.  But we got the impression he, like others who have heard the story of the Phoenix (or the Golden Rule), is going to be taking a personal interest in giving it the best shot he can.
     He brought up a piece of wood, covered with marine growth, that came off in his hand; Captain Naomi had her first (bittersweet) sight and touch of her baby!     
     Next step: Get the mud pumped out and re-assess. Should have that estimate within a week.

DALY REPORT Former Phoenix captain Tom Daly had his aortic aneurysm surgery on June 30, then another surgery for complications, and came home July 15. Pam writes, "Everyday is a little different - some positive, some not.  We are assured by his doctors that patience is the key to full recovery.  As you know, Tom is a strong man and will persevere. I'm sure he will soon be emailing you himself as his strength returns."

Wishing you God's very best,
Jessica, E.B. (Extra Ballast)
and Jerry, L.H. (Long-suffering Husband)

The Reynolds Family, the Nuclear Age. and a Brave Wooden Boat ( 
BONUS FEATURES (Phoenix memorabilia and anecdotes)

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