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RESTORING THE PHOENIX 3: "What are you asking them to work toward?"

June 13, 2016

Ted Lollis wrote me, asking what the plans are for restoring the Phoenix, where she will dock, "a wet or dry home where the restored boat could be seen, toured inside, interpreted with exhibits, and possibly sailed," summing up, on behalf of all of you, "What are you asking them to work toward?" (Thanks, Ted.)

Good question! 

The Phoenix would be restored as a peace monument, a tangible piece of Cold War history. It's hard to be a visible, tangible monument when you're underwater. (Even current owner Naomi Reynolds, though she sent divers down to assess her condition in 2010, has never seen the boat herself!)

Ted Lollis knows all about peace monuments and has a list of them on his two websites.(See mailing list.) A monument, he says, is physical, permanent, and symbolic. Most of them are preserved in situ or in a museum. The Golden Rule is a monument that "moves around." The Smithsonian was interested in her but Veterans For Peace, who restored and own her, did not want just to put her on view but to sail her for peace again, both as protests and for educational purposes. She has been doing exactly that up and down the coast of California since her re-launch in June, 2014. See

We hope the Phoenix too will be a "monument that moves around," sailing for peace again.

Unlike the Golden Rule, however, the Phoenix is owned by Earle's granddaughter Naomi. She wants to keep the boat in the Reynolds family for private sailing, at times making it available to responsible parties for peace voyages and otherwise docked (probably in the San Francisco Bay area) where she "could be seen, toured inside, interpreted with exhibits, and possibly sailed" around the harbor.

I'm sure those who help restore her would have lifetime permission to visit the Phoenix and bring friends!
FROM TANYA MAUS, Director, Peace Resource Center, re: practical issues, writes,
"It’s exciting to see this project begin to take shape. I would be able to help with organizing video conferences (we have a good set up at the Center to do this and would be happy to do so), publicity, and social media. I’m happy to get a Facebook page, as well as Twitter, Instagram accounts started. I could also help with crowdfunding if you would like to pursue that. [Note: Naomi has a Twitter account,]

"It may be possible to use our recently completed poster exhibit: “Voyage of the Phoenix:  A Peace Odyssey” to send out for fundraising and create awareness if you think it’s a good match. I’ll send out a digital version of the exhibit for you to look at in the next few days and then perhaps we could talk about how to make this work!"
You can contact Tanya directly regarding these things.

P.S. Apparently Lonely Planet Magazine India has an article, Hiroshima, Japan: A phoenix among cities in their April 2016 issue. Could someone get a copy for our archives AND write to the author, Kruttika Nadig, to tell him (her?) about the Phoenix of Hiroshima?

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