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RESTORING THE PHOENIX 1: Proposed restoration, 2016

May 30, 2016

Dear Friend,

You are reading this blog because we think you have an interest in the yacht Phoenix of Hiroshima. Some of you know her illustrious progenitor, Golden Rule. Others of you have sailed aboard or even captained the Phoenix.  If you would like to receive occasional updates on the progress of the proposed restoration of the Phoenix, please send your email address to and let us know!

A little history: On May 1, 1958, the 30-foot yacht Golden Rule, with four Quakers aboard, attempted to sail from Honolulu into the American Pacific Proving Grounds to protest the testing of nuclear weapons. The next day our family yacht, the 50-foot Phoenix of Hiroshima, arrived in Honolulu on our way back to Hiroshima to complete a 3-1/2 year pleasure cruise around the world. On June 4 the Golden Rule made another attempt to sail, was stopped on the high seas by the American Coast Guard, and towed back to shore, where the crew were jailed. One week later we sailed in their stead, entering the forbidden zone on July 2, where my dad, Dr. Earle Reynolds, was arrested. . .

After a separation of more than fifty years, in 2010, the Golden Rule and Phoenix were in the news together again. Within a few months and miles of each other, both yachts were found on the northern coast of California, both abandoned, beached, and stove in. Veterans for Peace led a 5-year restoration of the Golden Rule. Last June she was re-launched into Humboldt Bay (Eureka, California) and has resumed her role in educating and bringing about a nuclear-free world.
Now some of us are looking into restoring the Phoenix of Hiroshima (currently owned by Dr. Naomi Reynolds, granddaughter of designer and first captain Dr. Earle Reynolds). If you are just curious about this project and want to be kept in the loop or if you foresee having a possible role as investor or hands-on worker in the actual renovation, please let us know if you want to be on our mailing list. We would appreciate knowing others who would want to be included. 
May the Phoenix rise again!

Jessica Reynolds Renshaw
Daughter of  Dr. Earle Reynolds
Cabin Girl, Phoenix of Hiroshima 1954-1964

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