Thursday, May 26, 2016

My journals: Vol. 6, U.S., Jamaica, Panama, Hawaii (1957-58, ages 13-14)

My Journal: Glimpse into Volume 6 (ages 13-14)

Two days out of Hilo, with circumnavigation almost complete and with almost all our stores gone, I wrote:

      "None of which we have," I continued, "but oh, well, we have a boat, instead.  We have adventures and memories, and a charmed life, according to millions of envious landlubbers, and we have life, liberty and a floating home in which to undertake the pursuit of happiness.  And we are out of the rat-race, the stagnancy, the burden, the satisfaction of civilization - to sum it into three drastic words: we can't complain.  O.K., I'm not."



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