Sunday, April 24, 2016


     On August 20, 2010, the Phoenix came back into the family. (See Aug. 22). Built by Dr. Reynolds, the boat is now owned by his granddaughter--also Dr. Reynolds! Between appointments with patients, Naomi has had divers locate the Phoenix and is making arrangements to have her raised.
Phoenix, San Francisco, 2007
     By an interesting coincidence the Golden Rule has also recently been found, on a beach near Eureka. Her masts are gone, too, and she could only be identified by the number on her side.
     A man named Fredy Champagne of Garberville, California, President of Veterans for Peace chapter 22, is just beginning to form a committee and a website to restore and renovate the Golden Rule (at Zerlang's shipyard in Humboldt Bay). He wants to open dialogue between the two groups working on these "two important and historical ships" to share information, questions, and research.
     He sent current pictures of the Golden Rule:
Golden Rule, Humboldt County, 2010

     What are the chances that both ships, which met in Honolulu and were united in history for a few years, would be found at the same time 52 years later both abandoned in Northern California within 225 miles of each other? Both in the same sad shape, both having been underwater (the Golden Rule for 2 days, the Phoenix for 3 months). What are the chances two small groups with no knowledge of each other would each find one of the boats and decide to restore it, hopefully to sail again? What are the chances they'd find out about each other so they could join forces to raise funds and encourage one another?
      The same convergence, the same serendipitous timing--the same Providence?

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