Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MUM: from Lives That Speak

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     Over the past few days Mum--Barbara Reynolds--has described her life to you candidly, in her own words. Now I want to let you see her through the words of others, in two chapters about her published in books by English-speaking authors. (There are also four books about her by Japanese authors, including Moments of Peace: Two Honorary Hiroshimans by Dr. Tomin Harada, which has been translated into English.)
     A lot of the facts duplicate what you already know from this website but the latter parts of these chapters contain probing insights not only on Mum's life and thought but on the perspective of the hibakusha and of the world's reactions to them.  

Beth Parrish, "Barbara Reynolds: Friend of the Hibakusha" from Lives That Speak: Stories of Twentieth Century Quakers by the Religious Education Committee of Friends General Conference, edited by Marnie Clark, 2004.

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